Sign Types:  Channel Letters

Channel letters are an excellent choice of signage for many applications. Many building and shopping center owners insist on channel letter signs for their facilities.  Each letter has an individual structure and separate illumination.   


The “Anthony David” sign is an example of Front Lit Channel Letters with Bullet lettering below.  Channel letters can be produced in virtually any font, color or size. This allows maximum flexibility in designing a sign to exactly match your specifications.


The “City Bites” sign is an example of an open faced channel letter sign with neon illumination.


Many national chains also use channel letters. Channel letters are many times one of the most effective components of a national brand building program. Many national grocery chains, restaurants and retailers will use channel letter signage exclusively.


Channel letter signs are one of the most recognized types of signage and provide high visibility to a businesses location, especially in high traffic areas.

Open Face Channel Letters

Front Lit Channel Letters

Front-Back Lit Channel Letters

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Other Styles of Channel Letters